Project Management Support

Project Management Support

Project Management Methodology

Our services include the development of customized methodologies. By working with your organization, we assist you through the development of a customized project management manual that can be used as a guide to establishing a common framework for all the projects. The result is a handbook that has your logo, your terminology, your tools, and other items unique to your organization. The benefits of your own project management manual include:

·       Effective planning and control of projects.

·       Documentation of your customized project management approach and adaptation of your unique organizational needs.

·       Establishing a process for communicating learning experiences.

·       Enabling continuous improvement of the project process, establishing a process for maximum use of project resources.

NICE TANZANIA provides the expertise and framework within which your guide is developed. The development of the project management guide is designed to leave NICE TANZANIA expertise with you. This service also ensures that the responsibility for the process and its continuous improvement has been transferred to internal management.

The intent is for your organization to be self-supporting at the end of the process. The services include the development of project management job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities for project staff. The result is the efficiency and effectiveness of project management, which drives the organizational behavior and enables more effective change management.

Our approach is to guide the development of the methodology and let your team make critical decisions. This approach ensures there will be ownership of the final deliverables, a strategy that will make the implementation and adoption of the methodology a success.


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