Leadership Development and Support

Leadership Development and Support
  • Leadership Consultancy

    We work with leaders and aspiring leaders to turn leadership on its head in a supportive and dynamic way. Our bespoke programs harness practical action to ensure leaders inspire and engage everyone in their organization to achieve outstanding results and create productive, meaningful, and inspiring places to work.

    We know leadership is a multi-dimensional activity. It cannot be confined to a single formula, a recipe book, an academic paper, nor a series of anecdotes and catchphrases. It is a lifelong commitment, often as much about finding imperfect solutions to pressing problems.

    Leadership and Talent Management Support

    • §  Leadership development programs
    • §  Strategic leadership workshops, e.g. Customer focus, entrepreneurial thinking, risk awareness, influencing, resilience
    • §  Leadership masterclasses and workshops (tailored to client situation)
    • §  Senior management development
    • §  Management and supervisory development
    • §  Leadership team development
    • §  Executive coaching and mentoring
    • §  Career development, Talent management and succession planning
    • §  Leadership, Management and Coaching qualifications
    • §  Values-based leadership Training
    • §  Financial management for the Leaders
    • §  Feasibility studies and research
    • §  Brand and Organizational identity development
    • §  Project management and leadership
    • §  Creativity in individuals and teams
    • §  Managing creativity
    • §  Building creativity into the culture of the organization
    • §  Innovation, creativity and problem-solving
    • §  Bite-size sessions (tailored) on a variety of Leadership and Management topics including Managing conflict; Managing difficult conversations; Assessing your leadership style; Coaching as a leadership style; Managing stress in the workplace; Important but not urgent; Managing for efficiency and effectiveness; Creativity and Innovation; Effective meetings for managers; Top Tips for Managers; Building a high-performance team; Being a Leader; Mentoring and Coaching; Making Meetings Work.
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