Third Sectors Support

Third Sectors Support

Are you a Voluntary organization, charities or social enterprises who are looking for a specialist consultant or trainer to support one-off projects or ongoing work can use us.

NICE Tanzania we Adopting the right technical solutions, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and value-added support. 


We know that there are many challenges impacting the Third Sector, the current unpredictable economy, changes in demand, changes in funding, and adapting ways of working during the pandemic to name a few.

There is ongoing pressure to manage big budgetary and regulatory constraints but to always continue to deliver services to those who rely on your vital support.  Making a positive difference in this environment isn’t easy.

To gain momentum and land change well, you need to be able to innovate, deliver the right services, attract and develop great talent, and make the most of digital opportunities.

We use a a blend of strategy and people change knowledge to provide a practical and action-orientated approach to helping our clients in the charity and third sector to overcome the challenges they face. More than ever you will need to maintain organizational agility and remove the shackles of legacy technologies, archaic ways of working and old governance structures.

Does your organization have what it needs to plan ahead, actively seek partnerships and reconsider your organizational structure?



Get objective and strategic advice from our third sector experts…


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